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  • All of our realistic sex dolls are made from medical grade TPE or Silicone material.
  • Every sexy doll we sell has a durable stainless steel skeleton featuring flexible joints to achieve different sex positions.
  • Intimacytech is a top-rated sex doll distributor. All of the real sex dolls for sale are extensively tested at the manufacturing site.
Super Realistic
  • All real dolls are designed and sculpted by professional artists.
  • Each lifelike sex doll is squeezable in all the right places and has elastic skin like real people.
  • Extremely realistic vaginal/penis, anal, and oral cavities are part of every love doll we produce.
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  • Intimacytech offers free worldwide shipping in very discreet packaging and provides the tracking number to you.
  • You can customize your favorite sex doll with many options and preferences online.
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What Is A Sex Doll?

A sex doll (also known as love doll or blowup doll) is a type of human-like, often life-sized sex toy anatomically corrected to both look and feel like a real human sexual partner. Our sex dolls can have a complete body, or just parts of a body with a head and pelvis for sexual stimulation. Certain parts such as the vagina are able to vibrate and designed to be removable for ease of cleaning. Our wide selection of sex dolls is available in different races, genders, age groups, body types, eye/hair/skin colors. Some of our high-end sex dolls have full customization options, enabling our customers to order exactly what they fancy. For example, you can select our scientifically designed vagina which can vibrate and contract intelligently – the frequency of vibration and contraction adapt to the force you exert onto our doll’s vagina.

Sex dolls can also be categorized into abstract dolls (no resemblance to any specific real life person) and portrait dolls (designed to resemble a real life person, e.g. porn star, celebrity or ex-partner). Our true-to-life sex dolls are delicate, need care and repair, and are not easy to handle because of their weight of approximately 65-70 lbs for female dolls and 85-105 lbs for male dolls.

By far, the sex doll market mainly offers female sex dolls modeled according to traditional feminine beauty standards – having ideal sexualized qualities such as youthful, slim, pretty face, long hair, and large breasts. However, customization already allows for more body type diversity as well as finer details such as deliberate “bodily flaws” (e.g., moles, scars, stretch marks, belly fat, and body hair). Flexible production techniques enable the sex doll industry to cater to specific appearance-related customer demands (e.g., the illusion of life like supernatural beauty, resemblance to a real person, specific body-related preferences, or fetishes).

Sex robots are life-sized, anatomically correct service robots made and designed for sexual companionship. They generally cost more than sex dolls and their prices vary according to their constituent materials and technologies. Sex robots are usually equipped with sensors, actuators, and artificial intelligence (AI), allowing them to provide customers with more interactive experience than sex dolls. A sex robot typically has all the attributes and functionalities of a sex doll. Enabled with artificial intelligence technology, a sex robot can also carry out conversations, express a range of different emotions, and exhibit preprogrammed personalities. Having sex with a sex robot can involve partially autonomous behaviors such as sexual movement (e.g., hand movement for masturbation) or simulation of orgasm. Just like sex dolls, sex robots help user to fulfill both sexual and psychological demands (e.g. social companionship). Full sized sex robots can also be very heavy to carry around and require more advanced maintenance procedures than their doll counterparts.

According to a recent online survey, 2% of women and 9% of men already have prior experience with a sexy sex doll. Popularity wise, female sex dolls rank at the very top, followed by male and then transgender sex dolls. Both women and men reported using sex dolls equally often in solo and partnered sex. The renowned roboticist David has boldly predicted that by year 2050, it will be a social norm for both men and women to engage in romantic and sexual relationships with sex toy dolls or sex robots. The futurologist Ian Pearson went further by predicting that by year 2050, both men and women will have more sex with sex toy doll than with their conspecifics. While the ethics, use, and effects of human-like, anatomically correct sex dolls are still in debate and the stigma around owning a sexy doll remains high in many cultures, the Industry has flourished over the past few years. Even though some ethic critics views the market for inanimate female bodies as a reflection of sexual entitlement and blithe objectification of women, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has given the sex doll industry a major push. Love dolls for sale has surged since quarantine began, to the extent that many companies in this industry are being challenged to keep up with exploding demand.

Historically, sex dolls have been associated with loneliness and its users are usually single, divorced or widowed. However, as technological advances give rise to hyperreal silicone sex dolls, the market is now increasingly gearing towards open-minded, thrill-seeking individuals who crave for new experiences: perhaps a “menage a trois” that is free from the complication of added human feeling. 

When it comes to effectively maintaining human relationships, some of us just lack the necessary social skills. Some of our customers come up with names and the associated personalities for their dolls. It is also common to observe romantic accounts of dates with dolls and feelings of love towards dolls on hobbyist doll forums. Occasionally, customers choose to marry their dolls and share their wedding photos on public or private forums. A member of Doll Forum publicly shares his deep appreciation for his doll: ‘A doll to sit in an empty chair so you have someone to sit and chat with. A doll to hug and kiss. A doll to share an empty bed with.’ On the popular online message board Doll Forum, one man writes that, for him, sex dolls tap into his longing for being with “a woman who loves me for me”. Another message board member comments on the simple companionship purpose that his doll serves: “A doll to sit in an empty chair so you have someone to sit and chat with. A doll to hug and kiss. A doll to share an empty bed with. A doll to love and be loved.” The same phenomenon is also observed in the fantasy porn industry where virtual reality technology is heavily used to produce fully immersive experience where customers can cuddle and establish eye contact with their virtual partners.

A typical usage scenario for sex dolls and love dolls for sale is the domestic context in which the artifacts—after purchase—are available for recreational and long-term use at home. Many of us believe in strong positive effects of sex dolls and sex robots, including social companionship, sexual exploration, pleasure, and increased satisfaction for individuals and couples. At the same time, some caution that abusive men using women-like sex dolls or sex robots will likely further sexually objectify their real female partners and to disregard sexual consent.

Individuals have physical needs, and physical illnesses caused by long-term separation, divorce, and singleness will outweigh the gains. We strongly believe that a sex doll that can help you release your physical and mental stress. Any discrimination and mockery against people who buy sex dolls is an act of denial of human nature and can be disregarded. The benefits of owning a sex doll are summarized below:

  • Sex dolls can help us reduce stress outside of work. They allow single men to sit back and relax, get some relief from their intense work pressure.
  • Sex dolls can adjust a person's life. For single men, or married couples who live in two places temporarily, the wife can have a full size sex doll to regulate her life when she is pregnant, and make ordinary life more colorful.
  • Sex dolls can reduce the number of sex crimes in our country. After all, the imbalance in the ratio of men to women, coupled with the fact that some people are not sexually liberated, some people who cannot control their desires are likely to commit crimes, and having a full size sex doll can at least release some people’s sexual depression, and it will be to a certain extent to reduce sexual crimes.
  • Sex dolls can effectively reduce the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS.
  • Sex dolls allow people with disabilities to enjoy a fuller life. The stories of people with disabilities finding true love often only exist as fairy tales as the reality is quite cruel. Many people have to face lifelong loneliness due to certain disabilities. Sex dolls provide a way for people with disabilities to feel sexual love and companionship.
  • Sex dolls are convenient and practical items for those of us who frequently go on business trips. On the one hand, a sex doll can help to reduce fatigue of the journey. On the other hand, it is safer and healthier, and the probability of derailment is reduced.
  • Sex dolls can help men to overcome premature ejaculation related issues. Some medical experts even claim that premature ejaculation can be cured through proper training with sex dolls.

What Is The History Behind Sex Doll?

The desire for sexual interactions without a human connection assisted in the development of sex toys, especially sex dolls. In the past, full size sex doll is known as inflatable doll since manufacturers mostly used inflatable designs. Stepping into the 21st century, sex dolls are now made of silicone or TPE with shape memory allowing them to have realistic human skin and muscle tones. They also have spherical joints that can enable different movements. 

The usage of sex dolls has over a hundred years of history. Modern inflatable dolls first appeared in Germany and Japan in the late 1930s. At the beginning, they were mainly used for military purposes. During World War II, in order to prevent German soldiers from committing sexual crimes with women of "non-Aryan descent" in the 5th district and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Nazi army, the Nazi head of state Hitler personally appointed the commander of the SS Himmler to secretly develop a kind of inflatable dolls with realistic female physiological structure, in order to relieve the urgent needs of the German army. Hitler also put forward very specific requirements for this inflatable doll at the time, "She must have all the sexy looks that a young girl has, specifically, fair skin, golden hair, blue eyes, and a height of 1.76 meters, plump lips and plump breasts." Similarly, the Japanese army also used sex dolls in its naval submarines. After the second world war, the US army provided many inflatable dolls for the front-line American soldiers during the Vietnam War and, which won many praises from the soldiers. 

In the 1950s, commercial sex dolls were sold on the German market as sex toys, and their design even inspired Ruth Handler to create girls’ childhood playmates-Barbie dolls. In the middle of the 20th century, Japan sent personnel to Antarctica for the first time. The long-term abstinence of expedition members can affect their health, so the Japanese used public funds to develop a high-quality sex blowing doll called "Antarctic No. 1" to solve the physiological needs of the Antarctic expedition. Therefore, in the 1990s, Japanese AV producer KUKI even launched the AV series "Antarctica No. 2" with the theme of imitation sex dolls. In the 1970s, inflatable sex dolls became popularized in Japan and in the 1990s, the texture of sex dolls become closer to real human skin, but they were still tied up to the touch. During the same period, some manufacturers tried to make dolls with bones, but the effect of the products was not satisfactory. In the 2000s, your sex dolls produced in Japan were fake and real, and the touch was close to real human skin. 

Unlike conventional sex toys, such as dildos, that only represent one part of a body, Sex dolls are life-sized and anatomically correct, making them look and feel like real people. Nowadays, sex toys representing human body parts (e.g., penis-shaped dildos and vibrators) are widely used and culturally accepted. Take vibrator as an example, it is estimated that approximately 50% for heterosexual-identified women and men in the United States and Germany regularly use a vibrator. With the rise of ecommerce, women have been successfully targeted as a new user group as the overall sex toy market get expanded and diversified in recent decades. There is also growing interest in sex toys among the aging populations and people with disabilities. As sex toys become increasingly technologically advanced, one that are mind-controlled and therefore do not require hand function are becoming more prevalent.

Although sex toys that mimics various human body parts are now broadly accepted by the general public, the creation and proliferation of lifelike full-sized sex dolls and interactive sex robots are still subjected to taboos and controversies. Stigmas aside, you can simply view sex dolls and sex robots high-end sex toys that are capable of having a much bigger impact on our sexual and overall health as well as our intimate relationships. 

The most pronounced difference between love dolls and other types of sex toys is that only love dolls have the potential to establish emotional attachment with their human owners. Other types of sex toys will always be perceived as inanimate objects no matter how well they imitate certain parts of human anatomy. This also applies to low quality dolls that look fake. But when dolls are made to be so realistic and beautiful, human owners will feel attachment and carry out emotional projection onto their dolls. Many open-minded people find doll fetishes a lot less complicated than real lovers because there is no pressure to talk to dolls. At the same time, dolls will make you feel "needed", just like many people keep pets, you feel needed and satisfied by them. Furthermore, the need for emotional projection onto dolls is especially pronounced for men, since when compared to women, men are more likely to be stressed, anxious and lonely. Men are also less expressive and have relatively few options for emotional projection.

In today's society, people often have a sense of loneliness and social phobia. You may interact with many people in your community but still feel lonely. Just like pets, love dolls are cherished and imbued with human characteristics. Both pets and Real Dolls fill emotional and psychological needs for their owners. Besides using dolls for sexual gratification, many doll-owners also report that they treat their dolls as artificial cohabitation partners: Watching TV with your sex doll, talking to your sex doll and grooming and clothing your sex doll are typical activities of doll-owners, who often prefer the term “love doll” to “sex doll”. 

The use of sex dolls for sale can reduce people's loneliness and provide people with a healthy sex life. At first glance it seems obvious why this is the case: during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are quarantining alone or without our intimate partners. While it is easy to scoff, the idea that a sexy doll could provide company in the absence of other people is not at all outlandish. Sexologists have pointed out that sex dolls are not the privilege of single men, but also frequently purchased by couples, people with disabilities, and parents whose adult children are socially excluded. British AI expert David Levy observed that humans can form strong attachments to dolls even in the absence of advanced AI capabilities such as natural conversational skills. According to some scholars, men want to have love doll sex because they want to feel close and connected. In a 2016 clinical study, it was found that the key factors included “feeling desired” and “intimate communication”, all of which can be fulfilled by your favorite sexy sex doll because beside the obvious great love doll sex, she can also be a very good listener rescue you from your ​​loneliness. In fact, attachment to your doll can develop into a stronger relationship as a result of your repeated interaction with your doll - as we use it, play with it, and so forth, we get to know it, and gradually the love doll might become less and less a commodity, more and more a part of our life.

A recent survey conducted among members of two online girl sex doll forums found that while most respondents describe their relationships with their dolls as sexual in nature, there is also quite a few respondents feel emotional attachment and romantic love towards their dolls. This further demonstrates that your sex doll provides more than just sexual gratification - it also serves as an all purposed lover that can provide posthuman kinship and alleviation of loneliness. Nowadays, lonely people in big or small cities are increasingly expressing their feelings to their sex dolls - walk, eat, watch movies with their dolls, and even planning their future with their dolls.

The relationships and attachment that our customers have with our love dolls for sale are evident when they discuss our love doll’s ethereal beauty and “personality”. As published in recent surveys, our customers typically refer to their dolls by name and talk about how extraordinarily beautiful and finely crafted they are. Further, many mention the fun they have with their dolls and how interacting with their dolls is often better than with humans. In analyzing our customer review, we found that customers commonly bestow lifelike qualities on their dolls, and this process appears to foster feeling of closeness and connection. For many the impact seems to begin early in the “relationship.” Many of our customers discuss what they do with your sex doll or how they feel upon finding their Doll “waiting” for them when they arrive home from work. For many customers, our love dolls for sale appear to take on the role of a partner who meets our customers' visceral physical, emotional, and psychological needs, in the addition to the sexual. Our customers were quick to praise our love dolls’ beauty and ability to transcend sexual purposes.

It is a social theory that some people choose the company of sex dolls because they are not good at establishing intimate relationships with others. With the changes in people's needs and the progress of material technology, bionic technology, makeup description and TPE materials are used in the production of sex dolls. The facial features are more three-dimensional, delicate and lifelike, and the body is more elegant and symmetrical. The sex dolls that are close to real people begin to secretly enter the lives of the lonely and occupy an important position in their spiritual world.

Furthermore, owning a girl sex doll is an effective way to overcome loneliness without the hassle of socializing. Loneliness is an invisible health hazard. Many of us feel that there are a lot of deceptions when making friends in the real world. On the contrary, your girl sex doll will not deceive you, leave you or despise you. Your dolls can come with names and even precious sincere emotions. She will help you when you need it most and will always be by your side.

How Do I Use A Sex Doll?

The use of sex dolls can be roughly divided into the following three steps: before use, during use, and after use, please see the detailed explanation below.

  • Before using the sex doll, the sex doll should be disinfected with a disinfectant spray (such as medical alcohol) or with a disinfectant paper towel.
  • When using a sex toy doll, in order to maintain sufficient lubrication inside the vagina of the sex toy doll, a lubricant must be used. If no lubricant is used, the inside of the sex toy doll is not lubricated enough, which may cause the vagina of the sex toy doll to rupture. You can also choose to wear a condom with sufficient lubrication.
  • After you had your love doll sex with your girl sex doll, you need to clean the vagina of your sex doll with clean water and disinfect your sexy doll. Then wash it with warm water, then dry the interior and surface of the entity doll with a towel, or dry it naturally, and store it for next use.

For those of you who are about to experience your first sex doll, please follow the steps below:

1.Open the box and take out the sex toy doll. You must find a space that is twice the size of it, at least 100cm×50cm. Do not throw the packaging cartons everywhere, keep them, because it will be needed if you want to send it back to the original factory for repairing damaged parts in the future.

2.Remove the plastic paper of the package and check if your sex doll is damaged during the transportation process.

3.Degrease your sex doll in the bathroom. In order to maintain the body of your real doll soft and supple and give your sex doll a charming fragrance, we recommend injecting an oil component into your real doll silicone. This procedure will result in surface oil on your doll over time. That is why we recommend you to bathe your sex doll at least once a week to remove the surface oil.

4.After shower is finished, please apply baby powder over the entire body of your doll to remove any excess remaining oil or dirt. Subsequently you should a soft towel to rinse, degrease, dust, and then wipe off any remaining powder and dirt from your doll. When your sex doll is completely dry, remember to apply the powder again to keep the body of your sex doll dry and clean.

5.When the hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place your real sex doll. In order to prevent the wear of fingertips and other places, put silk stockings on the arm.

6.After the sex doll is ready, wear a condom and apply an appropriate amount of lubricant, and choose your favorite position.

Love dolls represent an emerging trend as we lament the erosion of meaningful relationships that our fast paced, high tech society has fostered. Yet, some of us prefer less emotionally intimate relationships. Have you ever experienced rejection and a “lack of emotional connection” from your real human partner? Likely such experiences have notably decreased their interest in sexual intimacy. Love dolls for sale may allow for a “relationship” without the complication and emotional vulnerability that accompanies real human social interaction and intimacy. 

On popular love dolls for sale forums, you may often stumble across dissatisfaction remarks on real human interactions. One message board commenter writes of how his doll is modeled after his ex-girlfriend who, “though wonderful in many ways, also drove me crazy, cheated on me and made me consider murder/suicide”. The potential for being made a fool is a recurrent theme with straight men’s sexuality. Many of us have experienced awful, deceitful relationship with our human exes. One forum poster asserts that: “You won’t have any of this shit happening with your doll. Sure, she might drain your bank account, but she got YOU to pull the trigger on that one, buddy.”

Furthermore, it has been observed that among heterosexual couples, more often than not, the men first lose their desire or “gone missing in the bed”. It is also very common that a man in a relationship still masturbates privately while his desire within the context of his relationship that is lost. A potential factor causing this “gone missing in the bed” phenomenon is that “gender roles are changing, and men aren’t sure exactly who they’re supposed to in bed”. The recent decades of gender equality movements have brought about increasing awareness of how women’s pleasure is routinely neglected in heterosexual sex. Men who have grown up with a domineering father tend to overcompensate and disconnect from their own wants. The trick for these men is to find “the right balance between passion and consideration – self and other.” Our sex dolls may help to perform just that trick. It is hardly a surprise that the market for sex dolls has emerged alongside of the gender equality movement in the United states. Women are increasingly aware that they have the freedom to both pursue and decline sexual encounters in their intimate lives. Sex dolls for sell were billed as solace “for all the lonely guys that weren’t getting laid”. While perfectly legal according to the law, blow-up dolls returned the new sexually autonomous woman to male control: a blow-up doll is always ready for sex, never talks about her rights, and always looks perky.

Another advantage you sex doll has over a real woman is safety. According to statistics, more than 90% of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are transmitted through sexual intercourse. Since STDs is mainly spread through sexual contact, using privately owned sex dolls can alleviate this safety hazard. Your sex doll can provide you with a great sex life while preventing the spread of STDs. Furthermore, in many countries, the ratio of men to women is not balanced, and the use of sex dolls can reduce some sexual crime rates.

Last but not least, having a relationship with your love doll may reduce abusive relationships. Research suggests that individuals with insecure attachment levels are more likely to withdraw from social relationships and to physically abuse their partner. Abuse often becomes instrumental in the struggle for control of the relationship. Loving an inanimate object such as your doll potentially allows you to gain power over the relationship. The lack of response from inanimate love objects may allow you to attribute meanings and reinterpret the situations however you choose. Such attributions allow you to assume maximum control over your relationship with your doll and consequently being turned on by your doll.

Our real sex dolls are made with premium medical grade TPE or silicone materials, enabling them to retain their attractive shapes for many years. All dolls have metal skeleton with flexible joints, allowing you to pose her in your favorite sexual position and have your way in any position that pleases you. While both materials are engineered to feel like a real Japanese woman, TPE sex dolls for sell are becoming more popular due to TPE's ease of sculpting. On the other hand, silicone as a material is easier to clean and can be heated for a longer period of time without getting damaged. Most of our silicone dolls have supplementary heating systems to optimize your sexual experience. Both TPE and silicone dolls are waterproof. 

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to color, smooth and soft, with a hardness range of 0A-120A, simple processing and molding, without vulcanization, and can be recycled and reused. It can be coated and bonded with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other plastic materials, or it can be molded separately. TPE dolls are typically cheaper than silicone ones but they do come with a number of shortcomings: TPE material has poor shaping ability and cannot accurately restore the appearance details of the characters; TPE material has poor adhesion, and the face and body cannot be painted with permanent makeup, resulting relatively n poor appearance; hair transplantation is not allowed, only bald head Wearing wigs and thrushes, lack of realism; typically only has 6 months of useful life, the body will be deformed after that; too heavy, making it difficult for users to move and pose.

In comparison, the price of silicone sex dolls for sell is about 6 times that of TPE, but its shaping ability is very good, with a life span of up to 10 years, will not be deformed, can be used for composite permanent makeup, and can be used for hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation. Consumers can customize the eyeball color, hair color, and skin tone of silicone dolls. Silicone is a thermosetting elastomer. It has the advantages of safety, tastelessness and non-toxicity. It is also insoluble in water or any other solvents. It has stable chemical properties - except for strong bases and hydrofluoric acid, it does not react with any substances. It also has high adsorption performance and thermal stability, making it the material of choice for crafting sex dolls.

TPE is the general term for various elastomer materials. These elastomer materials have rubber elasticity at room temperature and can melt and flow at high temperatures. Silicone is a special kind of rubber. After cross-linking, it has good mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is a thermosetting rubber that does not melt after curing. It will burn if the temperature is too high.

The chemical structures of the two materials are different: silica gel is an elastomer connected by silicon-oxygen bonds in the main chain, and the side chain is usually methyl, that is, CH3. TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, including styrene, olefin and polyurethane. The main difference between the molecular structure of the two material is that one is the SI02 structure and the other is the CC structure.

In terms of processing performance: silica gel needs to be vulcanized and heated to form, while TPE can be processed without vulcanization. Silicone processing is difficult to form, while the production and processing of TPE is very simple. 

The skeleton of the simulation real doll is made of stainless steel. In order to reduce the weight of you sex doll, steel pipes or iron pipes are usually used. If it is solid metal, it will be too heavy and the cost will rise unnecessarily.

The bones of a real doll generally have 14 movable joints, namely neck joints, shoulder joints, double elbow joints, hands wrist joints, waist joints, double hip joints, double knee joints, double ankle joints, etc. The fingers are also made of metal. The silk makes a phalanx that can be bent in all directions. The standing version of any doll will have three stainless steel screws connecting the sole to the feet bones. When the real doll stands up, the screw caps on the soles of the feet will touch the ground to support the weight of the body. The standing function is a favorite of photographers. These movable joint designs are very close to the range of physical movement of real people and can simulate most of the sexy poses of people. 

As we continue to innovate, our sex dolls are becoming increasingly attractive and their detailed features are getting more and more realistic. Our silicone dolls all have face of an angel and body figure of a devil, making them irresistibly beautiful and tempting. While there are many different types of sex dolls (innocent , loli, queeny, wild, cute and petite, mature and so on), they all share the following characteristics:

1.It is well known that inflatable dolls are inflated inside, which cannot achieve realistic effects at all. But a doll made with silicone is different. Its interior is not inflated but solid, mostly made of non-toxic and odorless silicone. Our silicone dolls have very realistically simulated skin - non-toxic and tasteless, layered, highly durable, and feels almost identical as a real person. Silicone dolls are also dustproof and easy to wash. The skin tone of our silicone doll is exquisite and the ambience is no different from a real person.

2.Each joint of the silicone doll is made of polymer synthetic resin material and there is a mechanical bracket inside, so that it can assume all kinds of sex positions that you may desire, optimizing your comfort during your love doll sex.

3.The current silicone dolls have an automatic heating design, which can heat the vagina and chest to a temperature resembling the real human body at 37°C, making it closer to the feeling of a real person.

4.In order to feel closer to the real person, the silicone doll is equipped with a vibration sensor on the lower abdomen of the silicone doll. It can detect your body language and is equipped with a pronunciation chip with a passionate voice, which will follow your action frequency and amplitude.

5.Silicone dolls are currently made of all silicone. It has the unique characteristics of silicone materials, which are water resistant, ozone resistant, aging resistant, not easy to corrode, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, and the temperature is- 65°C-200°C can maintain soft elastic properties for a long time, easy to operate and so on. 

What we usually call inflatable dolls and silicone/TPE dolls belong to the category of sex dolls, which are sex products that replace real people to achieve sexual intercourse. Of course, there is another type of semi-sex dolls that also belong to the category of sex dolls. To understand the difference between inflatable dolls and silicone/TPE dolls, we must first acknowledge that the functions of the two are essentially the same: to serve as a kind of sexual masturbation device while satisfying physiological needs at the same time. 

However, silicone/TPE dolls imitate/simulate real human bodies much better than their inflatable counterparts:

  • The silicone/TPE sex dolls for sale on the market today all have very realistic simulated skin. Their main material is non-toxic, tasteless, touch, and has a high durability, and their look and feel are almost the same as a real person, giving the real dolls delicate and shiny skin tones. This type of dolls is also dustproof and is easy to clean.
  • Each joint of the entity doll can be moved, so that it can resume various postures and thereby enhancing your usage experience. 
  • With their built-in automatic heating design, the body temperature of silicone/TPE dolls can precisely simulate actual human body temperature, and it has an automatic heating design. The build-in heater can warm up the vagina and breasts of your sex doll to a preset temperature, close resembling human body at 37 ℃, making your sex dolls more life like.
Although it takes work to properly maintain your sex doll on a daily basis, many of our customers take pleasure in the upkeep and maintenance of their new companions. Our sex dolls for sale require regular washing and maintenance, and their owners have expressed this tending as part of the appeal. The care entails cleaning the sex dolls for sanitation and health purposes but caring also involved the aesthetic via accessorizing.
First, we recommend you choose silk underwear for your doll, ideally the type that protect your sex doll's buttocks from being soiled by bed sheets or other garments. If your sex doll accidentally gets stained, you can use wind oil, light oil, olive oil or any official decolorizing cream, spray it on a wet paper towel and wipe it gently. If you use your doll daily, then routine bath care is a must. When washing, put a chair of equal height on the side of the bathroom, and then rinse the front and back, thighs, etc. of your doll thoroughly. Then use baby shower gel on the bath ball to wipe the whole body. Certain parts such as vagina may require special cleaning agents, you can substitute by washing it with water several times, then separate the legs of the sex doll, and wrap the towel around a stick to wipe internally. After everything is done, you must wait for your sex doll to dry before dusting it.
The damage of the sex doll is almost always caused by the large range of movement of the limbs or touching the sharp and hard objects, so pay attention to this aspect. Due to the heavy weight of a typical sex doll (weighing over 30 kilograms), moving them around can be a tricky task for some people. Even if you have no trouble picking up your 50KG wife, you may find a sexy doll weighing 30KG more difficult to move around. This is because your wife cooperates and coordinates with you, while your sex doll cannot. You should not use brute force because you may accidentally damage your doll. We recommend two easy ways to properly handle your doll:
  • The octopus hug: as its name suggests, make your sex doll hug you in octopus style: wrap her arms around your neck and her legs around your waist. Finally, hold her ass firmly.
  • The princess hug: this approach is less laborious and we all know how to carry it out
We have also summarized below a few key things to watch out when washing your doll:
  • Water Temperature: Clean the silicone doll with cold or warm water. Warm water can be used in winter, and the temperature of the washing water for the sex doll should not be too high. It is not necessary to use a thermometer to measure the specific temperature. Just try it with your hands to not burn your hands. Small silicone portable appliances and inverted mold entity dolls are small and can be washed directly at the faucet, while high-simulation entity dolls need to put a stool in the bathroom and let her sit on it and rinse with water. Do not let her stand against the wall, because the bathroom floor is slippery and easy to fall during the cleaning process.
  • Detergent: It can be cleaned with shower gel or soap. Do not use strong alkali and strong acid detergents such as 84, detergent, soap, laundry/liquid, etc., because that will chemically react with silica gel and affect its service life. After washing the foam on her body with clean water, dry it with a lint-free towel.
  • Final Step: The last step of a real person’s bath is to wipe the body dry with a towel, while the silicone entity doll has one more step. After drying the body, you must also apply baby powder (the accessory is provided). No different from real people. 

The life-like sex dolls made of silicone materials have built-in metal skeletons. The skeletons are usually not broken. The colloidal skin on the surface is easy to break. For example, the range of movement of the limbs is too large and the elasticity limit is exceeded. Tear, especially when the lower body of a sex doll made of silicone material comes out. The elasticity of TPE is stronger than that of silicone, but it is also afraid of sharp objects.

Usually there is glue for repairing in the accessory bag that comes with your sex doll, but how do you repair your sex doll? What are the repair methods that many doll fans are more concerned about?

For repairing the wounds of real sex dolls, silicone materials are more convenient. Treat the wounds cleanly without dust and water. Apply glue to the wound, knead the wound, and wait for a few hours. The surface will be a little scarred. This is Normally, in the future, you should also pay attention to this area and try not to stretch it too much.

The TPE material is made with high temperature, so the repair glue and silicone repair glue are not universal, and the repair is not the same. The repair glue of this material will decompose the TPE material, and the repair glue will be applied to the wound. Press the wound immediately, a little slower, the wound will get bigger and bigger. The manufacturer’s easy maintenance is relatively simple. It is to use tools such as channel heat guns to take a piece of material that matches the size of the wound on the leftover material and apply it to the wound. Use a heat gun to heat the wound to melt the material and the wound. Use a small spatula to smooth the wound, and there is almost no scar, but it looks simple, but it requires a high level of skill. We can provide scraps for your sex dolls purchased from SensualDolls and you can contact us to obtain them if you need to repair your doll.

How To Repair Your Silicone Sex Doll?

The adsorption ability of silica gel is very strong and it is difficult to come off once stained. Therefore, effective timely intervention is critical. Generally, alcohol and nail polish can be used to get rid of the stains from your sex doll. You can make your destaining agent by following the steps below:

1.dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide with water in a ratio of about 1:5, add a few drops of ammonia or soda ash aqueous solution, and lightly brush with a soft brush dipped in the solution.

2.To further improve the bleaching effect, the solution can be appropriately heated. This method is to use oxidative bleaching to remove the color on the leather surface.

3.Make a 3~5% solution with sodium hydroxide and warm water. Then use a soft brush emerged with the solution to gently brush the stain to reduce bleaching. 

Furthermore, we recommend light-colored clothes, such as white, pink, yellow for your sex doll. Wash off any excess dye before you let your doll wear any new clothing for the first time. Dark-colored clothing is not recommended because your sex doll may be accidently stained with excess dye. If staining from clothing dye does occur, you can use one of the two methods outlined below:

1.Shower your sex doll immediately, wash well with body soap, then dry or wipe dry, and then apply baby powder. Repeat once every three days, and the stain should gradually fade.

2.Prepare a clean white towel and a bottle of alcohol. Use alcohol to soak the towel, wrap the towel around only the part of the dyed silicone skin, fix the towel, and wait for a certain period of time (the time depends on the severity of the dyeing), the color will gradually be precipitated as the alcohol volatilizes. While using the above method, use baby powder to wipe the dyed part frequently to speed up the recovery speed. 

As its name suggests, an inflatable doll needs to be inflated before it takes on the appearance of a simulated person. Most of the inflatable dolls are made of plastic and manufactured in assembly lines. Silicone dolls are made of silicone which is relatively expensive due to its handmade nature - the production process is more complicated and takes longer. Below is a summary of the main differences:

  • Price difference: the material used for inflatable dolls is primarily plastic, the workmanship is very basic, and these dolls can be processed and manufactured in batches, resulting in low production cost and unit prices. The sex dolls using medical-grade silicone materials cost a lot more. The built-in metal bones are mostly hand-made and carved.
  • Weight difference: since the whole inflatable doll is formed by inflation, the weight is generally about 2kg, which is convenient to carry and use. In contrast, the body of silicone dolls is composed of silica gel and metal bones. They typically weigh a little lighter than an average real person.
  • The difference in finer features: the features of the inflatable doll are rough, the plastic smell is heavy, and the texture is hard and not realistic. On the other hand, silicone dolls are mostly handmade to possess realistic details and textures. They are generally carved by a master craftsman. The hairs are mostly implanted by hand. 

Below is a guideline to help you navigate your purchase decision making:

  • Ask for real shot pictures and videos of the product when communicating with merchants. Note that it is taken in kind, not photoshopped.
  • Learn the customer service process after you buy sex doll online — a reputable merchant should offer direct refund (minus shipping and restocking fees) upon receiving returned, unused dolls.
  • You should buy our sex dolls for sale according to personal financial ability. A sex doll without a head or arms, or those with only legs are called half-length dolls. They are less realistic but also cheaper than full-body sex dolls.

Should you buy a large or petite sex doll? Our customer service often encounters such inquiries on doll's type, height, and price. With proper guidance, our clients are always able to locate and buy the sex dolls that best suit them.

There are three main considerations when you buy sex doll and try to decide on what size to get:

1.Price: what is your budget? Can accept hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands, a sex doll beauty will accompany you for many years, buy a small one first, then a large one, or buy a large one directly in one step.

2.Storage: due to the personal nature of a sex doll, please make sure you have sufficient space at home to store away your doll to avoid unintended intrusion into other's sight. Therefore, If you are a renter and have housemates, we recommend you to choose a small-sized sex doll. If your own a house with plenty of space, then you can buy sex doll without size restrictions.

3.Physical strength: choose according to your ability to carry: the typical 165cm tall sex doll weighs around 60 kilograms, which is ok for most people to handle. The weight of a 168cm doll come close to 75 kilograms. Young people over 170cm can choose a doll with such a height. But if you are a senior, we recommend you to buy a lighter doll with height below 145cm for ease of handling.

It is okay if you find it a bit effortful when initially carrying your doll. You will get used to it since your muscles will become stronger through frequent handling of your doll.

Why Buy Sex Dolls From Intimacytech?

Intimacytech understands how much you want to connect with our sex dolls for sale. We take pride in our top-notch service and pay attention to detail in order to serve all our customers with high end sex dolls from reputable doll manufacturers at affordable prices.

Free Shipping - We ship your dolls globally free of charge, including the USA and the United Kingdom!

Intimacytech Guarantee - Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that your purchase is safe and payment is secure.

Medical Grade Sanitization Process - All our dolls are thoroughly sanitized at our medical grade facilities and are guaranteed to be 100% pathogen-free. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials - Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We encourage you to sign into your account to view customer reviews and star ratings of each brand to learn more. The quality of our dolls can be fully validated through our online customer testimonials.

24x7 Support - Our customer support team will never let you down. You can connect with our support staff and seek instant help through FAQ links.

Easy Returns - Our easy return policy safeguards all your purchases from our store and gives you the ease of mind you need when investing in a realistic sex doll.

100% Discreet & Secure - We understand that when you buy sex doll online, you are ordering a very personal item so we take your privacy very seriously. Our online transaction, packaging and delivery are all 100% confidential and discreet, leaving no indications of what you have purchased. 

Price Match Guarantee - Every real sex doll you buy from us comes with the lowest sale price match guarantee. If you find a lower priced offer within 2 weeks from your purchase date, please contact us, provide us with the price quotation you have found and we will search and match it once validated.

If you are unsure of any of our pre-configured sex dolls for sale or want your dolls to be 100% tailored to your needs, you can always choose to customize using every individual doll page's tailoring features. Some basic free customization options include choosing your doll's wig style, breast types, nipples, body skin tone and head type. You can also order additional hot swappable doll heads for variety's sake. This is a cost-effective option if you want to enjoy the company of two or more different dolls without breaking the bank. Our premium customization options enable you to select the type of vagina, doll feet, hair color and even toenail color of your adult dolls. There is also an option of insertable vaginas for the extra hygienic types. While our male sex dolls for sale have other similar options such as skin tone and hair color, their options are fewer than those for our female sex dolls for sale. 

1. Can your sex doll stand still?

Our dolls are available in standing and non-standing models: the standing models have three protective nails on the soles of both feet, which allow your sex doll to stand without damaging the soles of the feet. But do keep in mind that due to gravitational effects, standing still will affect the useful life of your sex doll. We recommend you place your doll in either sitting or lying position. The non-standing model has no protective nails on the soles of the feet. The look and feel of their soles are more realistic but lacks protection.

2. Can the eyeball your sex doll move?

The eyeball of your sex doll can be adjusted. You can adjust it up, down, left and right by gently pressing the eyeball with your fingers. Certain high-end models also allow you to swap eyeballs.

3. What to do if your sex doll is out of oil?

When the silicone or TPE products are placed for a long time, their skin surface will glow with oil. This is because the silicone or TPE formula contains silicone oil, which is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended to clean your doll every 2-4 weeks (when not using) and protect it with baby powder.

4. How to clean your doll?

Please clean your doll with tap water at room temperature, with shower gel, soap or other common human body cleaning products. It is forbidden to use strong alkaline chemicals such as alcohol or other strong disinfectants to clean. After cleaning, use a dry towel to absorb any excess water. Your doll’s hair should be dried naturally without using hair dryer. Remember to apply baby powder onto your doll’s skin to make it as smooth as a brand new one.

5. What to do if your sex doll is accidentally stained?

Because your sex doll will be oily, the skin of your sex doll will be stained when wearing dark clothing that is easy to fade. If it is accidentally colored, please use our special depigment cream and apply it on the colored point. Leave it for a while, the color will become lighter. Repeat until it basically disappears.

6. How to maintain the makeup on your doll?

When your doll leaves the factory, the makeup material is a special paint, which generally does not fall off, and will only gradually fade with the play. But do not wipe it forcefully when cleaning and using it. Please pay attention to the wiping strength when using and washing. If you use too much force, it will cause the eyelashes and pubic hair to fall off and fade. Once the color fades, it is difficult to repair. Customers can use cosmetics for makeup, but please choose cosmetics with low viscosity and low oiliness, otherwise it may be difficult to clean. Please pay attention when removing makeup to avoid color fading (all color fading and hair removal caused by abnormal operations are not covered by the warranty. Color fading and hair removal can be repaired, but the customer needs to bear the postage and repair costs).

7. How to clean the vagina, anus and mouth of you real sex doll?

There are many ways to clean the vaginal, anal and oral cavities of your sex doll. You can shower her while standing in the bathroom or bathe her lying down without complete submerging in the water. We recommend you to position your doll so that one side of her vagina and anus is exposed for ease of cleaning. You can then follow the following steps:

  • Wipe a small cotton swab sponge with a medical clip and smear it on the sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap to ensure a thorough coating.
  • Use a plier to insert a sponge into the vaginal/anal cavity. Rotate the sponge around the orifice until the inside of the cavity is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Take out the sponge, wash it with warm water, and repeat steps 1 and 2 on more time.
  • At this stage, the vagina and anus should be cleaned without any bacteria.
  • Using pliers again, insert a second dry swab sponge into the vagina and anus to get rid of any excess water, and then discard the swab.  
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